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W.D.T the HEY I’ll use that gym membership I pay for edition! July 30, 2010

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  • I have found my way to the gym over the last 5 days.  I’m back in the swing of it, I’m feeling it.  I really like going.  I like feeling like I may possibly be in a negative calorie state.  Eating less than I burn. OOOOOO it feels so good.
  • Work has been horrible this week.  That is nothing at all new. One new twist is that my co-workers have begun stealing things from my desk, like pop cans, granola bars, pens.  You name they will steal it.  Nothing I hate more than a G.D. thief.  Seriously.
  • Tomorrow is pay-day! YEAH!
  • We bought a toaster oven this week, and I threw away my very expensive Cuisinart toaster.  I swear that thing sucked from the jump. It looked nice, but what a piece of trash.
  • The biggest thing that happened this week was submitting our paperwork to Lake Shore Tubal Reversal Clinic in Gainesville, GA.  We are so impressed with the staff.  They are amazing.  I cannot wait t o meet all these folks in person.
  • This weekend I’ll be attempting to shoot our family photos.  Wish me luck.  I’ll SO need it.  Of course that remote control for the camera will make it much easier!

This week has been pretty underwhelming.  As the bullet points note.


W.D.T….the not listening to the weather man one. July 23, 2010

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*It’s raining.  It’s thundering.  The sirens have gone off.  We are not seeking sturdy adequate shelter.  I’m blogging.  Perhaps it’s the fact that our weather folks are always wrong…despite their storm tracker radar they still tell me to dress warm and I sweat all day because it’s 80 degrees.  If I’m dead because of the weather feel free to use me as an example of why you should listen to the weather people.

*I am overly suspicious of the date 7.23.  Its tomorrow.  I always hold my breath during this day.  7.23 flares up in my life over and over again, I always feel like it’s going to be a bad day, or it’ll be the day I die.  Let’s hope it’s not.

*This week has been a bit of a douche.  I’ll be happy when it’s over.

*I’m still tracking my temps, weight (gag) and other things in our pursuit to Addie / Mr. Wilson. I am no closer to understanding anything.  I think once I track a whole month I’ll have a better picture of how everything works.

*Hubs celebrated his 90 days at work today! Yeah for medical insurance.

*I have a dinner date with my 13 year old daughter tomorrow, she is paying.  That is a win win.

*I’m hungry but it is way too late to eat.  

*This week has felt a whole lot like ground hogs day..(the movie) does anyone else feel like that?


Certain foods….well should never be eaten July 19, 2010

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I have a sensitive stomach…well that is putting it mildly.  My stomach frequently gets pissed off…I mean throwing elbows and such.  Today I decided to eat a hot dog…an all beef hot dog.  AND then I had pizza.  Really?  It’s like my stomach is screaming…why do you make me hit you??? OY the heart burn, the sick feeling.  The fear of what is to come.  I’m illen’ yo.

I have decided to compile a list of foods that everyone should avoid at all times…it goes a little something like this:

Hot Dogs, pepperoni Pizza, on the subject of pizza I think anything other than Veggie or cheese should be out.  If it’s got Mayo in it…throw it out!  Regular old timey potato chips (non-baked), French fries.  (If you are over 5 you shouldn’t eat those) Anything fried, say one of those “Tornado” things that they sell in the freezer section..OMG so awful, Pasties, “fried meat pies” (southern folks you know em’…. you eat em’ STOP) Mushrooms, onion rings, the entire Burger King menu, Most of the food at Wendy’s,  Half the menu at Taco Bell, McDonalds….I got nothing but love for ya.  Speaking as a woman whose stomach frequently gets nuts…McDonalds whatever you are doing don’t stop.  Your food is the ONLY food that is served through a window that I can eat and not be sad about it! Do I even need to cover KFC…it’s got fried in the name, AVOID IT.   All carnival foods, (save for the elephant ears…I’ll bend my rule for one of those per year!) Most baked goods will make me sick, especially donuts. ZOMG…the horror of a Krispie Creme.  Flurry’s from anywhere, homemade hamburgers….the list goes on and on. 

I feel like I stood in for that man from Man v’s Food  who by the way I’m pretty sure will be dead by this time next year, He just keeps looking worse….  I honestly feel poisoned.  Why didn’t I buy a pallet of tums today when I was at Costco???? (BTW good ole’ Costco decided to bake the chocolate chip cookies today while we were milling about…guess what I have now?  30 chocolate chip cookies! FAIL OR win because their tactic worked like a freaking charm!) I’ve scoured my cabinets, purses, the car, everywhere for just one Tum…I’d eat one with dirt and purse funk on it.  OY.

It’s gonna be a long night blogosphere…real long.  AND it’s now Monday.  Damn Monday and it’s requiring me to work, and be AIS (ass in seat!) *sighs*


What is doing Thursday? July 15, 2010

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So I stole this idea from my BFF Sarah…she posts a Thursday Ten, I’m not doing that.  I’m only slightly ripping off her idea.  I’m doing a run down of what is happening in the world of Wilson.

*It is f’ing hot YO.  Too hot to handle.  I’m a long time summer hater.  Summer and I..yeah we are like ex’s with a couple of kids, we have to see each other…we try to be nice, but in the end, we hate each other.  This summer is particularly awful.  If it’s not the ungodly heat, it’s the damn humidity.  Summer 2010 Beat it!

*I’ll finish up the work week with just shy of 50 hours.  That can suck it too. 

*I began being one of those crazy infertile ladies who walks around with charts and a thermometer.  I’m determined to know every single part about this crazy “tent” I live in prior to my reversal surgery.  (I had my tubes tied in 6.1999 they’ll be reconnect God Willing 3.2011) Not only am I on my way to knowing more about my girl parts than I ever did, I’m also in the know about Sperm….show of hands who wants me to NOT talk about sperm…WHOA that is a lot of hands!

*My flower boxes are amazing this year.  Walmart flowers, rock.  I’ll take some recent photos so you too can bask in their awesomeness.  *Miracle Gro…you deserve a shout out!” (totally not paid endorsement)

*I saw a back to school ad yesterday.  That makes me so sad.  Just the thought of the BTS shopping makes me crunchy.  I haven’t recovered from the summer clothes shopping. Sigh.

*My husband is in his car (a VW station wagon) right now putting tint on the windows….with the AC on.  He’s not dumby.  Why do I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 92′  My a*hole ex did this to his car when we were in our teens…really REALLY? WOW

*I have gone 2 weeks without a cell phone, because of the aforementioned reversal surgery that costs 6,000.00 I am cutting costs.  Let me tell you, no cell phone is insane.  I’m totally changing that tomorrow.  I think our kid would understand right???

* I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow to see where I am with the trying to lose the extra ass I’m sporting.   That ought to be fantastic.  Updates to come on that.


Early July 12, 2010

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I am sitting at my desk right now at work.  I’m not on the clock yet…so I’m not being one of those douche bag employees that “milk” the clock, I’m here because I hate waiting around the house watching the news and pacing.  I might as well head in and get the day started, even if that means simply sitting at my desk doing this.

There is something so awesome about being here in the morning when no one else is.  The phones are “off” the only sound is the air vent and the printer…and my tapping.  I ❤ it.  Despite the fact it’s Monday I’m happy.  This has to be the most boring stupid post of all time.  I guess I should discuss why I’ve started yet another blog….BECAUSE I dropped an email account and forgot to change my password and sign on information on my other blogs and you can’t change the email without confirming it from the old account.  Yes I do stupid things like that all the time.

I’ve got a love hate thing going on with blogging.  I love it at times, and other times I feel like a narcissistic bone head.  Who cares what I have to say?  This blog isn’t really for the readers, it’s for me so I can remember what I was doing back on 7.12.10.  I also was just told that my blog was used for stalkers like ex-coworkers who weigh 90000 lbs and have nothing better to do than sit around a read about my boring life.  To that I say HEY…get a life and some slimfast. I know that is rude…but this person was rude all the time to me.  I mean that creepy rude with a smile on her face type of rude.  Yeah I do not care for her at all.

SO I  guess that is it.  One boring blog post and I’ve been handed work to do….one of the many downsides to being at work early, you are here to be handed things 🙂 HA!


Under Construction

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SO I changed email addresses and didn’t think to change-up the passwords on other blogs until it was too late. HENSE the new blog. 😦 Such a drag.  Stay tuned for updates here!