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Early July 12, 2010

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I am sitting at my desk right now at work.  I’m not on the clock yet…so I’m not being one of those douche bag employees that “milk” the clock, I’m here because I hate waiting around the house watching the news and pacing.  I might as well head in and get the day started, even if that means simply sitting at my desk doing this.

There is something so awesome about being here in the morning when no one else is.  The phones are “off” the only sound is the air vent and the printer…and my tapping.  I ❤ it.  Despite the fact it’s Monday I’m happy.  This has to be the most boring stupid post of all time.  I guess I should discuss why I’ve started yet another blog….BECAUSE I dropped an email account and forgot to change my password and sign on information on my other blogs and you can’t change the email without confirming it from the old account.  Yes I do stupid things like that all the time.

I’ve got a love hate thing going on with blogging.  I love it at times, and other times I feel like a narcissistic bone head.  Who cares what I have to say?  This blog isn’t really for the readers, it’s for me so I can remember what I was doing back on 7.12.10.  I also was just told that my blog was used for stalkers like ex-coworkers who weigh 90000 lbs and have nothing better to do than sit around a read about my boring life.  To that I say HEY…get a life and some slimfast. I know that is rude…but this person was rude all the time to me.  I mean that creepy rude with a smile on her face type of rude.  Yeah I do not care for her at all.

SO I  guess that is it.  One boring blog post and I’ve been handed work to do….one of the many downsides to being at work early, you are here to be handed things 🙂 HA!


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