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What is doing Thursday? July 15, 2010

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So I stole this idea from my BFF Sarah…she posts a Thursday Ten, I’m not doing that.  I’m only slightly ripping off her idea.  I’m doing a run down of what is happening in the world of Wilson.

*It is f’ing hot YO.  Too hot to handle.  I’m a long time summer hater.  Summer and I..yeah we are like ex’s with a couple of kids, we have to see each other…we try to be nice, but in the end, we hate each other.  This summer is particularly awful.  If it’s not the ungodly heat, it’s the damn humidity.  Summer 2010 Beat it!

*I’ll finish up the work week with just shy of 50 hours.  That can suck it too. 

*I began being one of those crazy infertile ladies who walks around with charts and a thermometer.  I’m determined to know every single part about this crazy “tent” I live in prior to my reversal surgery.  (I had my tubes tied in 6.1999 they’ll be reconnect God Willing 3.2011) Not only am I on my way to knowing more about my girl parts than I ever did, I’m also in the know about Sperm….show of hands who wants me to NOT talk about sperm…WHOA that is a lot of hands!

*My flower boxes are amazing this year.  Walmart flowers, rock.  I’ll take some recent photos so you too can bask in their awesomeness.  *Miracle Gro…you deserve a shout out!” (totally not paid endorsement)

*I saw a back to school ad yesterday.  That makes me so sad.  Just the thought of the BTS shopping makes me crunchy.  I haven’t recovered from the summer clothes shopping. Sigh.

*My husband is in his car (a VW station wagon) right now putting tint on the windows….with the AC on.  He’s not dumby.  Why do I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 92′  My a*hole ex did this to his car when we were in our teens…really REALLY? WOW

*I have gone 2 weeks without a cell phone, because of the aforementioned reversal surgery that costs 6,000.00 I am cutting costs.  Let me tell you, no cell phone is insane.  I’m totally changing that tomorrow.  I think our kid would understand right???

* I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow to see where I am with the trying to lose the extra ass I’m sporting.   That ought to be fantastic.  Updates to come on that.


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