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W.D.T….the not listening to the weather man one. July 23, 2010

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*It’s raining.  It’s thundering.  The sirens have gone off.  We are not seeking sturdy adequate shelter.  I’m blogging.  Perhaps it’s the fact that our weather folks are always wrong…despite their storm tracker radar they still tell me to dress warm and I sweat all day because it’s 80 degrees.  If I’m dead because of the weather feel free to use me as an example of why you should listen to the weather people.

*I am overly suspicious of the date 7.23.  Its tomorrow.  I always hold my breath during this day.  7.23 flares up in my life over and over again, I always feel like it’s going to be a bad day, or it’ll be the day I die.  Let’s hope it’s not.

*This week has been a bit of a douche.  I’ll be happy when it’s over.

*I’m still tracking my temps, weight (gag) and other things in our pursuit to Addie / Mr. Wilson. I am no closer to understanding anything.  I think once I track a whole month I’ll have a better picture of how everything works.

*Hubs celebrated his 90 days at work today! Yeah for medical insurance.

*I have a dinner date with my 13 year old daughter tomorrow, she is paying.  That is a win win.

*I’m hungry but it is way too late to eat.  

*This week has felt a whole lot like ground hogs day..(the movie) does anyone else feel like that?


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