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Weekly Winners August 8, 2010

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The adorable baby girl up there, she is my niece.  She is a spitfire, she’s busy, she’s on the move. I hope she never EVER changes.

That handsome devil up there…he’s my nephew.  He’s named after a beautiful man who I only met once, but I get the privilege of seeing in my husbands face everyday.  He too is on the move and busy.  He could calm down a little…but only cuz he makes me scared! HA!

I washed my bike…then I washed his.  I totally got credit!

That is our awesome sprinkler…on a 1/8000 shutter speed.  Yep. That. Is. Fast.

To check out other great weekly winners bop over  here LOTUS.  Go…do it. NOW!


One Response to “Weekly Winners”

  1. Nise Says:

    What great shots! That first one made me go, “Awww” and the caption on the second is so sweet. Thanks for sharing that!!

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