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What’s doing Thursday…the I am so gonna puke one. August 13, 2010

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  • I made the mistake AGAIN and tried to eat normal food.  You know that blissful happy stuff that nourishes your bodayyy.  Welp I cannot eat anything any more.  I really REALLY can’t.  It down right makes me stabby. 
  • I spent all day yesterday sick, I even called into work and let me tell you it’s gotta be REALLY bad for me to stay home.  
  • The IRONY of the statement above is that while I called in and didn’t go to work, the building lost power SO everyone went home.  HA!
  • I was blessed with the opportunity to do some corporate photos this week.  Amazing Ya’ll.  I’m pretty excited about it!  I’ll be taking photos for a financial planning company who just happens to be inside a fancy shmancy building down town G.R.  AND the person that asked me is a beautiful person, who I adore! Win-Win.
  • It is STILL TOO HOOOOOOT.  Oh my GAWD so over it, so cannot wait to have sweaters and jeans on.
  • We need to start thinking about back to school, we haven’t and aren’t even remotely prepared.  How are you doing on that blog-o-sphere?

All in all this week has kind of sucked, it’s been emotional at times, dull at others and basically just another week in the life of us.


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