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When they choose you. September 7, 2010

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Alex Wilson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Emma Wilson 

I’m not an animal person. I would never harm an animal, I would feed all of them if they were hungry, but would I set out to own a pet? No.  I’m a neat freak, I have an over active gag reflex in relation to smells and I like to be able to leave the house whenever for however long and not think twice.  With that said on Friday my girls were on a bike ride back from the middle school and came across two kittens, that cannot be more than 6 weeks old thrown in a ditch, the weather here in our state was unseasonably cold and windy they called me to ask what I thought they should do.  When this call arrived I just happened to be at lunch with hubs…who by BTW is not a cat person!  He is a dog guy through and through.  Against everything I had I told them to scoop the poor things up, bring them home…put them in the garage and wait for us.  The whole rest of lunch I swore we would not be having cats.  I asked every co-worker if they wanted a kitten etc….thankfully no takers!

WELL when I walked in the door and saw their little faces and held them…it was obvious that they were here to stay.  We didn’t set out to own kittens but yet here we are, all of us even Hubs caring and holding and fretting over and loving these two little kitties that were carelessly discarded like trash.  They make all of us laugh, and smile and give hours and hours of love to us, and we all couldn’t be more thankful that they were placed in our path, almost like they chose us.  We love our little Emma and Alex.  Our unexpected unrequested blessings.


One Response to “When they choose you.”

  1. catmom112010 Says:

    You will not regret it. I was always a dog person living at my parents, now that I’m on my own, I have 4 cats. LOVE every minute of it. Good Luck!

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