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See ya suckers…I mean goodbye I’ll miss you. December 5, 2010

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I know Fee-Fiii-Faux-PAWWW, but it is.  I now longer work for ____.  I’m not dumb enough to go and mention their name for Christs sake, because let’s face it these people have my last check and my vacation time to send out.  So for now I’ll be all….”Hey friend”  After that money is in my hot hand, I’ll be all F-YOU.

I resigned today.  I gave notice yesterday.  I intended to be an adult.  I swore it would be only as ugly as they wanted it to be.  It was an ugly all out war that I had not planned on.  I am thankful that it rolled down the road the way it did.  I will not ever regret this day.  I will not miss the drama, the negative bull shit that was my direct co-worker the nonstop freak outs, the tension, the criminals, OMG. I am so happy to be gone.  So SO SO happy to not ever see the inside of those walls ever again.

There were good times, there were really funny times.  Family guy was quoted, many chuckles were had…but then there was all the times that make me mad to think about….those memories are the fuel that will make you change your life.  I am so thankful for that fuel. 

I begin my new job on Tuesday. I’m taking Monday off to relax, to unwind, to enjoy some me time. G.D. it I deserve it.  I need it.  Life begins again tomorrow.  Life is so good.


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