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Merry Christmas. December 26, 2010

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2010 Christmas is now in our back pocket.  The season ended MUCH better than it began working at that soul sucking hot mess of a company with the biggest jerks I’ve ever encountered! (YEP I’m talking about you direct co-workers and I truly enjoyed thinking about all the suffering you went through in my absence!)  To say I had some Christmas spirit would be an understatement. As  always happens  my oldest ended up screwing up the whole morning, my youngest got cheated out of a nice Christmas and I screamed about it all for about an hour. (Merry F’ing Christmas.) I love and hate the holidays and YOU KNOW those trees are coming down today.

I send cards every year, I didn’t write a letter this year. Do you write letters every year? If you didn’t receive mine did you miss it?  I’m not sure if I  will do one again.


Kit-Kat had the right idea…the holidays are here….might as well nap! Aside from the drama of the morning the holidays were not a complete bust, thankfully it’s over and life can return to normal.  Thankfully.


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