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I am now less than I was. January 7, 2011

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Thursday I had my gall bladder taken out, which by the way completely and totally interfered with my first Lady doctor appointment scheduled for Monday.  I had some flu like symptoms on Sunday.  I thought it was just the bug  NOPE. sludgy gallbladder.  Seriously that was what they called it.  Went into the ER, they gave me an ultrasound and low and behold that sucker needed to come out.   This was / is the cause for my increasingly decreased food selections over the last few years.  I checked in on Thursday afternoon and well…here are some photos.

Pre Op, just waiting for the doctors to slice me open….

The general location of the offending organ…..

Post op, miserable feelings brought on by too many meds and too little sleep.  The amount of narcotics they gave me should have had me asleep for days. I tell you there were times that they said “We are giving you this or that” and I totally think they were lying. No Joke.  Being a patient makes me feel crazy, out of control and ready to rip all of their faces off,  don’t talk about a control freak like they aren’t in the room…don’t tell my husband stuff, (love hubs to death…but health savvy he ain’t!) tell me. I’m not hopped up on drugs, I’m totally sober…do not NOT listen to me and just say yep…yep….yep. I tell you somewhere along the way nurses lose their humanity.  I’m not a pro at surgery, I haven’t had surgery since 1999, I’m glad I’m not up on all the meds and how they make me feel.  ESSSHHHEE . So I took Friday off where I have spent the day watching beautiful snow fall and swiringling in a haze of meds that I can tolerate and watching mass amounts of junk T.V.  It is a strange feeling to have one of my organs not with me.  The surgeon did take photos during, and all I am saying is, it is weird to see your inner parts.  Enough said. 🙂

Silver lining of this whole ordeal…well there is two.  The first, the surgeon and the scrub tech said “You are one of the thinnest people we have taken a gallbladder out of!” SO she is The.Best.Nurse.Ever. AND now I know what to tell the doctors in Georgia in regards to how I react to meds.  I understand I need certain meds for anesthesia, but when it comes to after care meds, I want only the basics.  No morphine, no dilaudid, no demoral, just Tylenol.


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