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Sans Gallbladder…and other stuffs January 16, 2011

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So 1 week post gallbladder surgery and things are awesome! I am seriously so thrilled it’s long gone and I do not miss that sucker! I can only hope that from this point forward I’ll continue to feel better and continue weight loss. I have lost 4lbs since my surgery.  I am excited. I have another 30lbs to lose before my next journey begins.  Lowest possible weight means lower weight at delivery times.  Every single thing is alllllllll about that baby! I have continued to look at clinics and have stumbled upon yet another clinic this one in Louisville, KY.  Under 400 miles away, saves us airfare and their rate is lower.  I tell you the searching is so confusing.  I just want a baby (who am I kidding babies!) so whatever doctor can help me get there I am going with em!!!

The new jobie job is good, I am still at times bored and uninspired but it gets better everyday. 

We scheduled our baby Emma’s “fixing” surgery for Wednesday…insert sobbing cat momma tears here.  I tell ya can anyone else in this house go under the knife?

Cheerleading season has wrapped…sad? NOPE.

My youngest has been texting her boyfriend all evening..and apparently there is drama where ever this kid is….who the hell has drama at 11?????

I’ve sneezed about a 100x’s today…weird right?

Hubs is eating ice cream and I can’t have it because it’s loaded with dairy and that is annoying!

AND last but not least tell me oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy??? For the love of God just lie to me!


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