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And the payment is good. February 7, 2011

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So we have paid zzzmoney. That payment did not go smoothly, in fact it was some of the most tense moments of my life, me and stress…yeah we are not friends!!!  But the  surgery is paid.  Not entirely in full because a large chuck-a-roo is coming out of our flex spending.  That cannot be paid until I have my receipt.  We should have that Monday. Either way our surgery is booked. May 5, 2011.  89 days from today our lives will change.  We are not guaranteed a baby but we will be back in the baby making game.  It makes me overwhelmed in a totally good way.  I will be photo journaling the process and blogging during the Louisville trip.  I really hope that you will check back in and see an unbiased, NON-compensated review of Dr. Richard Levin ( I have heard all amazing things and I just feel like it’s totally right for us. 

On a totally unrelated subject we figured out that my tubes will be untied 11 years 11 months and 1 day from when they were tied KINDA weird EH? All 1’s.  From now till May it’s a waiting game…and ya’ll know I hate to wait!