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What’s next lose a leg? May 30, 2011

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So we are a short (or not so short) 16 days away from starting TTC. (OMG I’m one of those people who longs for BFP and not a BFN…Please Lord no BFN) I’ve been recounting all the things that at one time were so important to me, to under take this quest.  Let us recap.

A job I loved, but wasn’t good for my family.  Without the job being gone…well the family would have been so being concerned about the surgery and the BFP would be moot.

Diet coke and anything caffeine.

Lazy afternoons since I’m out walking and working out as much as possible.

Decided to have a hideous scar that I’ll have till I die.

A litany of other good foods.

I’m sure I’m missing something. OH wait I am.  The fact that I’m on the 10 yard line for parenting and I’m starting over. THAT should have been #1!

Starting a Glycemic Index diet tomorrow. Lord Help ME!

And last but not least I just read how my sleeping pills can reduce your cervical mucus. Which ya’ll if you didn’t already know too much about me, you have arrived at that place where you know too much about me. HA!. I’m getting older so these things pop into my mind. SO tonight. DAY 1 of no more sleeping pills. OH yeah this ought to go awesome.

The gist of this story is simply that while my changes have been vast, they are infinitely worth it.  I wouldn’t change this for the world should it be offered to me.  But I still sit and wonder what is next? What is there left for me to give up? 🙂


Love May 15, 2011

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I took this while we were on our trip to Louisville, I believe we were looking for Churchill Downs, anyways I was sitting here at home tonight and I peered over the top of this G.D. Lap top that I mash my face into too much and saw Mike watching tv.  Not looking at me, oblivious to my gaze.  It hit me (which I don’t think I ever really forget..) Just how much I love him.  How amazing I think he is, how funny and handsome, loving (in his own way) and selfless he is. 

I cannot help but wonder how I hit the jack pot.  I Thank God everyday for him.  I cannot wait to carry his babies, place them in his arms and watch our lives unfold.  Marriage is hard.  Double hard.  But he makes it easy.  He makes loving him easy.


The Surgery May 14, 2011

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My body is whole once again.  The surgery went off without a hitch.  Well maybe one.  A ruptured Corpus luteum cyst, that was bleeding. A small hitch, but it was fixed and I have 7 CM of fallopian tubes on both sides.  I cannot describe how AMAZING it is to be a whole person again.  Our journey started Tuesday night with a stop in Fort Wayne, IN.  Before we shoved off we posed for a photo:

Love this, wish we were a bit more “polished” in it, but it captures who we are.   My brother stayed with our girls.  MANY thanks to him for holding down the fort, and for doing exactly what they needed, just be “fun”.   Our first hotel was nice enough, HARD to reach but we checked in, had a couple drinks at an Applebees and then went back and tried to sleep. I could.Not.Sleep 🙂  In the morning we headed out and of course I took photos.

 Obviously we visited the Louisville Slugger Museum.  It was a great time, very inexpensive and perfect.





We walked all over town and it was fantastic.  This is our last photo before the big day. 

The day of surgery the sun was shinning,  the weather was coolish.  Got up, showered, dressed, hyper ventilated here and there met up with our shuttle driver who by the way was one of the most charming lovely souls I’ve ever met.  I commented on facebook statuses wishing me well and tried to not cry.  The driver delivered us to the right door (which was a HUGE relief!) because the Jewish Hospital is a large place, and it helped.   After a few tense moments Hubs and I found ourselves in the waiting area.  We did have a funny moment that came while registering.  The registration clerk asked me my religious preference and I said catholic,  not 2 seconds later the phone on the desk of the registrar started to ring.  Hubs started laughing like OH crap here we are at the Jewish Hospital and we are catholics are they going to boot us out. HA! (I mean no disrespect by that, if I weren’t catholic I would be jewish over every other religion 🙂 After we were done signing papers we were whisked upstairs and immediately I had to say goodbye to Mike.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I really thought he’d accompany me.  At exactly 8:00 a.m. I was taken back, changed into a gown, met my nurse and anesthiaiologist….had my IV in and waited.  It went very fast.  I also spent the entire time in prayer.  It was almost a blessing to have that alone time to pray, reflect and cry. 🙂  Just about the time Mike was allowed in Dr. Levin walked in.  (If you haven’t had a chance to check out his blog yet click here to see it yourself) He was / is lovely and I can say that I was totally at ease.  Shortly after they all swarmed in they gave me versed so basically everything after that is a blur.   Here is me after the procedure:

I left the hospital about a half hour after this was taken, and MUCH faster than after my gall bladder surgery.  I was shocked, I made it through though.  The pain initially is intense, the meds they gave me made me feel kinda awful (LIKE a whole lot awful) but it was enough to allow me to sleep.  We returned to our hotel room via the shuttle and I slept the majority of the day away.  I can’t say enough how happy we were with this process. 

The following morning which just so happened to be the day of  The Oaks horse race in Louisville, KY Dr. Levin and his nurse came to our room.  I was showered, up, dressed and eating breakfast when they arrived.  I think they were surprised.   Here is a photo of us with our miracle worker.

The recovery has been smooth.  I feel really good. I was not suprised for the vacuum affect that would happen once we were post surgery.  For months I was in pre-mode.  Now are done.  We have to wait 6 weeks until we can start trying.  A VERY LONG six weeks.   I cannot wait to post photos of positive pregnancy tests and baby bumps! 🙂