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What’s next lose a leg? May 30, 2011

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So we are a short (or not so short) 16 days away from starting TTC. (OMG I’m one of those people who longs for BFP and not a BFN…Please Lord no BFN) I’ve been recounting all the things that at one time were so important to me, to under take this quest.  Let us recap.

A job I loved, but wasn’t good for my family.  Without the job being gone…well the family would have been so being concerned about the surgery and the BFP would be moot.

Diet coke and anything caffeine.

Lazy afternoons since I’m out walking and working out as much as possible.

Decided to have a hideous scar that I’ll have till I die.

A litany of other good foods.

I’m sure I’m missing something. OH wait I am.  The fact that I’m on the 10 yard line for parenting and I’m starting over. THAT should have been #1!

Starting a Glycemic Index diet tomorrow. Lord Help ME!

And last but not least I just read how my sleeping pills can reduce your cervical mucus. Which ya’ll if you didn’t already know too much about me, you have arrived at that place where you know too much about me. HA!. I’m getting older so these things pop into my mind. SO tonight. DAY 1 of no more sleeping pills. OH yeah this ought to go awesome.

The gist of this story is simply that while my changes have been vast, they are infinitely worth it.  I wouldn’t change this for the world should it be offered to me.  But I still sit and wonder what is next? What is there left for me to give up? 🙂


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