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Wasted July 16, 2011

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Well Obviously we ARE NOT pregnant. One cycle wasted, all my fellow TTC’ers just laughed because 1 cycle…GUUURRLLL you got a long ways to go! BUT I’m still upset about, I mean I timed it, I KNEW when, but I also knew something was wrong.  SO during the pointless visit with Dr. K he agreed to a plan.  The plan is as follows, first let’s check the hormones, make sure nothing is a miss…waiting on results, if we are still not preggers in 3 months, Mike gets to give us a sample (which BTW he’s ready willing and able..SICKO  LOVE HIM) and if that is clear and we are still not preggers by November it’s GAME ON.  Bring on whatever test, medication etc they have out there because this baby making needs to get under way 🙂 HA!  Still the best part of TTC’ing is the trying. *WINK*


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