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Climbing July 23, 2011

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CD9 The roller coaster car is climbing the hill..I can hear the chains click click click…any moment we’ll crest the hill and again it begins.  The CM and CP checks, the sex (which HELLO not complaining) the baby aspirin, robotussin, OPK’s and God willing a HPT with  a BFP. I know I’m new to this, but OMG I am scared out of my mind.  I read non stop IF blogs.  How ya’ll do it and do it for so long I’m not sure.  All I have on my side is faith and hope.  I can only trust it is enough.

One thing that is interesting about blogging is the fact that I can look back to a post written one year ago and I see that I was charting and trying to understand what happens almost a year before I had my surgery…very interesting.  A year ago I didn’t understand my cycle.  You know what spring forward a year, I know  A LOT about my cycle, but I am still unclear if any of it matters.  All I want is a baby, why does it all have to be so confusing. I wish I could go back to the days of getting knocked up when I didn’t want to and was trying like hell to NOT be knocked up.  The statistics and the numbers can drive you insane.  I’m fastly approaching crazy.  If I haven’t already arrived.


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