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MOI a.k.a ME July 12, 2010

I am.

A wife, a mom, a sister, an aunt.  An employee, a photographer.

If I could be anyone for 1 day it would be my (yes I refer to her as MY) Martha Stewart.  She is brilliant.  Seriously.

I am someones best friend, but I am more of a casual acquaintance to most people.  I am okay with that.

I love Seinfeld and really fresh blueberry muffins, prepackaged baked goods make me gag.

I do not cook, but own every kitchen appliance known to man. (when you own a fancy Kitchen-aid mixer *in red* but never use it…well you know you’ve got “issues”.)

I dislike liars, men who cheat, WOMEN who cheat.  I cannot stand where I came from, but I love and am so immensely proud of where I am going.

I have a past that if I tried to explain I’d be without the right words to describe it.

My husband is my best friend, he is love.  He gets me, when almost no one does.  I  believe that I am living the life I should have always had right now, at almost 34 years old.  I wish we would have stayed together at the age of 18 & 19.  My God how easy life would have been.

I am a catholic…and not a phony one.  I truly love the religion, I love the tradition, being at mass makes me feel better.

I wish I wasn’t so self-conscious and conservative, but I totally judge people who aren’t.

I am an East Coast girl, the west is not the best.  I love NYC, Boston, Maine (Maine is beautiful no matter what season) Vermont. O.M.G. how I love you.  I could totally see myself living out there somewhere.

My greatest fear: Spiders.  I will freak the hell out if I see one.  It is not rational I know.

I hate summer.  I love winter. 

I am the very definition of it taking a village to raise a child. While I have “family” I have no connection to them.  (the exceptions are my brothers) I am thankful for the people who loved me, and cared for me and never had to.

Nascar annoys me.  A LOT.

Small town mentality should be fatal.


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