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28 weeks January 27, 2012

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I told myself I wouldn’t post, because I am SO superstitious about this pregnancy but when I clicked on my link I realized how lame this is that I haven’t posted anything since before Christmas.  Here I am 28 weeks exactly.  I’m on full time bedrest due to a shortening cervix, the doctor gave me 2 doses of steroids should my water break (like it has in the past…of course it broke a long time from now…but just to be safe) Little girl is doing good.  She is kicking and kicking me right now.  I also am on weekly progesterone shots to stop labor which are working really well.  Her nursery is “done” the furniture is bought, except for the rocker and my baby shower is 2.18.12 praying and praying I’m still pregnant.  The doctor said 30 weeks is the goal at the moment.  I can’t imagine meeting my baby in 2 weeks.  She would have a lengthy nicu stay if she did, so I know she wouldn’t be home wish us right away but…MY goal is 34 weeks.  Puts us into March.  Anyways that is all for now.  I promise to post photos of our angel.  See you on the other side.


14 weeks 2 days October 23, 2011

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Hey Yo, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted.  Thankfully things are smoothing out…well aside from my insane stomach problems but let’s be real that ALWAYS is a problem and will still be a problem even after Wilson baby 1st edition is on the scene. We had our NT scan which was good, first round of blood work was good.  The babies heart rate has settled into a nice 145-150 range and I am getting rounder every day.  I’m still in awe of the fact that I am expecting.  I think when my water breaks I’ll still be in awe.  I have to say that everyday that ticks by this baby and I bond a little more.  Hubby has really started bonding as well.  He asks to hear the heartbeat and frequently rests his hands on my stomach at night.   Something that makes my heart skip every time.  I didn’t think it was possible to love him more but having him love this baby already makes me love him more. 

We have our next appointment on Tuesday and we find out gender on 11.28.2011 the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for this year.   Until next time…


11 weeks October 2, 2011

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I think it is safe to say that I am expanding…wether I like it or not and for the record I LOVE the little being growing inside me the thicker middle NOT>SO>MUCH! Whatever though I went through a lot for this fat look and I know I’ll lose it, oh yes I’ll lose it.   As you can also see from the shot my baby girl Emma the cat wanted to be part of the show.  She is unable to have babies herself so she is soaking it all up through me.   I love her, her brother Alex and their sister the dog Lily.  It’s a circus around these parts for sure.

SO to get all caught up like, I had yet another ultrasound on Tuesday where I saw babykins moving around kinda waving at me LOL heartbeat 176.  THRILLED.  We have our NT scan on Tuesday the 11th of October which Hubby will make it to, I know these scans are sorta annoying but they make me feel SO much better.  You know what else makes me feel good my Sonoline B fetal doppler that up until about an hour ago I cursed with ever fiber of my being because no matter what I did I could not find my babies heartbeat until….I layed flat on my bathroom floor with a full bladder (side note: pregnant lady can have a full bladder almost on command..just saying) and low and behold I heard it.  167 was as high as the heartbeat went on this jankey thing…It cost $53.00 on ebay how awesome can it really be??? LOL BUT at last I don’t feel like I threw 53.00 down the toilet.  I can’t wait for hubby to get home from the gym so he can hear it!  We’ve both heard a whole lot of my own heartbeat with this thing!!!

Other than the weeks SLOWLY ticking by not a whole bunch is going on around these parts,  we are getting ever so close to the 2nd trimester which I can’t wait for and I’m looking even more forward to our scan where we get to find out what we are having.   I am trying so hard to keep things in perspective that we aren’t out of the woods yet but it’s hard.  SO hard when you want something so badly.  We love this little child so much and have so many dreams for him / her.  We just pray that everything goes the way we want. 🙂


8 weeks September 11, 2011

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Week 7 not my best week, I felt bloated and disgusting and was too vain to take a photo of myself.  I have serious body image issues.  The beginning of week 8 isn’t looking much better.  I still have not gained any weight but I just feel awful in my skin.  This is the definition of vanity.  I don’t feel pretty or glowy I feel ugly and bloated.  My pants, bra, hell even my underwear bug me.  I’m ready to run out and get some plus size panties just to not feel like everything is sticking to me HA!   To say pregnancy doesn’t become me is a friggen understatement. 

I finally broke down and called the doctor and asked for some Zofran.  It did help but created a whole other set of problems.  I’ll spare you the details but if you want you can google Zofran side effects and yes the first and most awful one is the one I have.  SO needless to say I’m not take that anymore.  I’d rather be sick day in and day out than have that.   Besides THAT whatelse…oh anything with carbonation bugs me, and if I even think about chicken or anything spicy (gagging as I type this) I feel sick.  Pizza is good, red meat is good, sweets…UM depends on what it is.   Thinking of pizza…pizza doesn’t sound bad.  HA! My oldests father owns a pizza restaurant and Friday night when I dropped her off I had her call and order myself and our youngest a pizza. YUMMO (Hubs hates it) I didn’t eat much but what I did have was fantastic.   This whole food aversion thing is strange. I originally could have lived on Chicken tacos from Chilis now I couldn’t eat it if I had to.  Weirdo baby things.

It was fantastic to not have a Friday doctor appointment and to not have the stress and worry, we don’t go again until the 27.  3 days after my 35th and hubs 36th birthday (for those  not aware my husband and I have the same birthday) On Friday we are going to see Lewis Black in Mount Pleasant at a casino.  I’m really looking forward to that, except I’m sure there will be cigarette smoke…wonder how that’ll sit with the sickness 🙂 HA!  Let’s hope by next week at this time my vanity will be a little more under control. YEAH right.



6 weeks August 29, 2011

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Week: 6

Weight gain: Total weight lost is right around 6lbs.  Which with the Crinone on board shall be changing.  It doesn’t make me hungry as it claims, it makes me ROUND.

Cravings / aversions / etc:  OY what a difference a week can make.  I am so sick to my stomach.  Thank you Crinone.

Gender: To be determined.

Names: Female name still up in the air.  Male name Ethan Michael (kinda liking Emily, love Addison, Grace…still NO IDEA!)

Maternity Clothes: NOPE not yet.  I can’t wait really!

Exercising? Yep.  Cut back.  Walking around 2 miles 4-5 times per week.

Any new news? We saw the heartbeat, haven’t heard it yet. Hoping for that this week. Yet another ultrasound scheduled for 9.2.2011 @ 13:30.


Baby Bumps August 22, 2011

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Week: 5

Weight gain: None…in fact a couple pounds lost!

Cravings / aversions / etc:  No cravings, nothing makes me sick except maybe seafood but really it always did.  Nausea comes and goes. Not bad at all.

Gender: To be determined.

Names: Female name still up in the air.  Male name Ethan Michael

Maternity Clothes: NOPE not yet.  I can’t wait really!

Exercising? Yep.  Cut back.  Walking around 2 miles 4-5 times per week.

Any new news? Nothing at the moment. Except for the ultrasound scheduled for 8.26.2011 @ 11:45 a.m.