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Like a heart attack but less funny….. July 31, 2011

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My temperature chart this month looks a bit like an EKG of a person having a heart attack, no real pattern, not making sense. It is kinda driving me crazy.  Now admittedly I probably am doing it wrong, the weekends straight fall apart for me, and the last 2 nights have been a mess as I participated in relay for life on Friday and walked between 00:30 and 02:00 and then Saturday I couldn’t sleep because I slept in until 10:30 a.m. and that threw off my sleep pattern.  SO basically I give up I guess.  I had some very specific ovulation symptoms including but not limited to pain on my right side that last a few days…weird. FINALLY EWCM YEAH.  I am not sure if I should just throw out the temp chart since this cycle made so much more sense or not.  I question the validity of the thermometer I use but I’m not ready to buy a 200.00 thermometer just yet. 

Last month I was a fricken nut job worrying non stop about all the symptoms.  This month I have some peace.  I am not sure where it came from but I guess I just feel like with each cycle I’m learning.  This one showed me that it can be normal. Last month was lefty’s cycle. Lefty is bad news I know it!  I cannot wait to see those pink lines I do know that.

I guess somehow this blog is becoming a TTC blog which wasn’t my intention, so let’s talk about what ELSE is going on around here.   July is a wrap. WORD.  One month till school is back in yeah that deserves a double WORD.  Not that the kids are driving me crazy or anything because at this stage they are not, I just think it’s getting to be time for them to go back.  I hate the slow burn of summer.  Seriously.  The sitting around in their PJ’s doing nothing but vegging. UGH.  I am ready for their little brains to be stimulated again.  I also cannot believe in 18 days I’ll have a 15 year old and in month I’ll have a child in high school.  Didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital? UGH. Nic has been such a big helper this summer.  I am so proud of  all the things she has done and all the responsibility she has shown, while she is my youngest she is truly the heir to my thrown, my second in command.  What else…oh we bought a new car.  I am not overly thrilled.  It’s shiny and pretty and drives like a dream but…it has a payment. A LARGE  payment, but I am fairly sure it won’t break down and my mom tank is showing her age. SO car payment FTW.  BLAH

I also just signed up for year 4 of the photo of the day project. Ya’ll 4 years. Of hunting down a photo to describe my day.  It’s surreal to look back and see every day of your life.  What is that…you want to check it out.  Well hell why didn’t you say something sooner…go check that awesome bunch of ladies out by going HERE


Where is the happy? Pappy? October 29, 2010

With the holidays basically here because let’s face it, Halloween is a mere 2 days away and from there we’ll be jingle belling until New Years and I can’t help but ask myself and my stunning brood where is the joy?  There is always a task, an errand, something stopped up, broken, or otherwise in “need” The holidays will be no different.  How do we get back to happy, or hell find happy.  I don’t know.

I find myself constantly and totally swirling about, in and out around and  consumed by panic.  I am always at a 10, I’d like to kick it down to a 5. HA!  Work always goes insane this time of the year but I vow (feel free to stop on by when I’m nose diving somewhere around 12-10-10) this Christmas will be different, I’m going to not bitch (as much) I’m going to shop early (HA!) I will not grumble about all the parties and the presents and the nonsense (and there will be plenty) I’m going to not only make this a Merry Christmas.  It’s gonna be a roooten’ tooooten’ Happy Christmas. Come Hell or high water.

First thing on the list to make Happy is my marriage, which is as solid as I’ve ever had in my life. I love him, I hate him, he hates me, he loves me….it’s a marriage dude.  I want to somehow find a way to make it more RRRAAWWWRRR and less GEZZZZ, I want to see him as the good man he is and less of a good target.  The world is not an easy place, sometimes those who share our home become the people we can yell at for all the shit the world did.  That is messed up yo. I will be starting over today.

I’ve sobbbbed my last night away, I’ve yelled the last time (for a while) Life is going to get happy…even if happy is a serious problem. (book by Dennis Prager go forth and read it if you haven’t)


Under Construction July 12, 2010

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SO I changed email addresses and didn’t think to change-up the passwords on other blogs until it was too late. HENSE the new blog. 😦 Such a drag.  Stay tuned for updates here!