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Love May 15, 2011

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I took this while we were on our trip to Louisville, I believe we were looking for Churchill Downs, anyways I was sitting here at home tonight and I peered over the top of this G.D. Lap top that I mash my face into too much and saw Mike watching tv.  Not looking at me, oblivious to my gaze.  It hit me (which I don’t think I ever really forget..) Just how much I love him.  How amazing I think he is, how funny and handsome, loving (in his own way) and selfless he is. 

I cannot help but wonder how I hit the jack pot.  I Thank God everyday for him.  I cannot wait to carry his babies, place them in his arms and watch our lives unfold.  Marriage is hard.  Double hard.  But he makes it easy.  He makes loving him easy.