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Light House work? September 18, 2011

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So last Monday our baby didn’t care for the 4 mile walk I attempted to do and we had some spotting.  Was it huge? NO, did I freak out? YEP. Because I’ve been down this sad and sorry road too many times so I went to the ER. Maybe a little bit dramatic but I am a big believer in getting the information straight between my eyes.  If the baby had passed I don’t want 2 nano-seconds of false crap.  I want to know NOW.  Needless to say after shaking so violently Mike had to hold me down we saw the heartbeat.  I think everything is okay….the part of me that has left the hospital emptied handed before leads me to say that I am going to wait it out and see.  The spotting has stopped FOR NOW.  The doctor ordered bedrest (I can work but only because I sit All.Day. and then at home it’s feet up….maybe some light housework.  What the funk is light house work? I have no idea.

On a happy note I’m told I can stop the Crinone next week Saturday which just happens to be my birthday.  Best birthday gift ever.  Though I’m freaking out about stopping because what if, what if, what if???  Everything I’ve read (and it’s a lot) says it’s safe.  Time will tell.  If I had more to take I would but it would require a refill and another 170.00 not that there is anything I wouldn’t pay to keep babykins all snuggly in there but I also need to trust the doctors.  Not something I do easily.  A new fun wrinkle in this pregnancy is the flip to “night” sickness and headaches. Oh my God the headaches.   By about 5 I am sick as a dog and my head feels like it’s in a vise. Not good times.  

Aside from the scare of a lifetime things are okay.  I’m ready to usher in the 2nd trimester and it’s only a month away. HA!  I’m off to hopefully take a 9 week 3 day belly photo.  I still feel like a bloated pig. 😦