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Valentines Day February 14, 2012

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hubs the night of the father daughter dance, which he hates like poison. This photo is not flattering but it cracks me up. Being the husband of a photographer he frequently gets the camera shoved in his face. He usually makes this face to make me stop….which it doesn’t make me stop anyway! Today is Valentines Day. I love me some Valentines day, and on this day created to celebrate those we love it is natural to think of my Valentine. This guy….man this guy. He is a saint. Well he’s not a saint but he is darn close. Why he chooses to put up with me I’ll never understand but yet he still does. This year (well actually in 2011) he gave me the greatest gift EVER the chance to carry his child. How can you top that?? You can’t. No way. It’s an amazing thing. He really is the best blessing I’ve ever been given. Without him I can’t imagine where I’d be. I’m sure my life would have kept on but happily?? I doubt it. He’s supportive, kind, NOT a yes man for me..which to be honest I NEED that. He’s a great provider, good with the kids and is a short number of weeks away from being a first time dad (to his own flesh and blood) I can hardly contain my excitement for that day.

There will never be enough words, or emotions to express how much I adore him, appreciate him, love him. How he has the courage to still be my valentine I’ll never know but I’m so thankful he does!


Love May 15, 2011

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I took this while we were on our trip to Louisville, I believe we were looking for Churchill Downs, anyways I was sitting here at home tonight and I peered over the top of this G.D. Lap top that I mash my face into too much and saw Mike watching tv.  Not looking at me, oblivious to my gaze.  It hit me (which I don’t think I ever really forget..) Just how much I love him.  How amazing I think he is, how funny and handsome, loving (in his own way) and selfless he is. 

I cannot help but wonder how I hit the jack pot.  I Thank God everyday for him.  I cannot wait to carry his babies, place them in his arms and watch our lives unfold.  Marriage is hard.  Double hard.  But he makes it easy.  He makes loving him easy.


Where is the happy? Pappy? October 29, 2010

With the holidays basically here because let’s face it, Halloween is a mere 2 days away and from there we’ll be jingle belling until New Years and I can’t help but ask myself and my stunning brood where is the joy?  There is always a task, an errand, something stopped up, broken, or otherwise in “need” The holidays will be no different.  How do we get back to happy, or hell find happy.  I don’t know.

I find myself constantly and totally swirling about, in and out around and  consumed by panic.  I am always at a 10, I’d like to kick it down to a 5. HA!  Work always goes insane this time of the year but I vow (feel free to stop on by when I’m nose diving somewhere around 12-10-10) this Christmas will be different, I’m going to not bitch (as much) I’m going to shop early (HA!) I will not grumble about all the parties and the presents and the nonsense (and there will be plenty) I’m going to not only make this a Merry Christmas.  It’s gonna be a roooten’ tooooten’ Happy Christmas. Come Hell or high water.

First thing on the list to make Happy is my marriage, which is as solid as I’ve ever had in my life. I love him, I hate him, he hates me, he loves me….it’s a marriage dude.  I want to somehow find a way to make it more RRRAAWWWRRR and less GEZZZZ, I want to see him as the good man he is and less of a good target.  The world is not an easy place, sometimes those who share our home become the people we can yell at for all the shit the world did.  That is messed up yo. I will be starting over today.

I’ve sobbbbed my last night away, I’ve yelled the last time (for a while) Life is going to get happy…even if happy is a serious problem. (book by Dennis Prager go forth and read it if you haven’t)